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HOUSE OF LORDS - I Wanna Be Loved (1988)

Label: RCA (BMG Music / Simmons Records)

Producers: Andy Johns and Gregg Giuffria
Executive Producer: Gene Simmons (KISS)

Billboard Chart Position USA # 78
Gold Status in den USA (mehr als 500'000 verkaufte Einheiten)

Single-Release "I Wanna Be Loved" (Mandy Meyer / Steve Johnstad)
Chart Position USA Top 30

"I Wanna Be Loved" was composed by Mandy Meyer and Steve Johnstad. The US-All Star-band HOUSE OF LORDS recorded the song by special request of the executive producer Gene Simmons (KISS) and released it 1988 on their debut album. "I Wanna Be Loved" became the biggest success of their career.


VAN ZANT – I'm A Fighter (1985)

Label: GEFFEN Records
Producer: Rodney Mills

Single-Release "I'm A Fighter" (Mandy Meyer / Jimi Jamison)

The Southern Rock legend Johnny Van Zant (LYNYRD SKYNYRD) recorded the song "I'm A Fighter" for the 1985 album "Van Zant"."I'm A Fighter" was originally written for the second COBRA album but was never recorded.

On the US Billboard Charts the song reached the Top 30 and was a very popular hymn for WWWF Wrestling fights.

GOTTHARD – Travellin' Man (1994)

Label: BMG Ariola

Single-Release "Travellin' Man" (Mandy Meyer / Tommy Keiser)

The song "Travellin Man" originated from the COBRA album "First Strike" released 1983.
GOTTHARD covered the song 1994 on the album "Dial Hard" even before Mandy became a member of the band. "Travellin Man" was also released as a single.

GOTTHARD – One Life One Soul (2002)

Label: BMG Ariola

Single-Release "Looking At You" (Mandy Meyer / Tommy Keiser)

"Looking At You" is as well from the COBRA album "First Strike". The song has been covered by GOTTHARD on the 2002 Best Of Ballads album "One Life One Soul". "Looking At You" became a promo radio-single.

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