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Chronological Overview  

Armand "Mandy" Meyer was born August 29, 1960 in the City of Balcarres in Saskatchewan, Canada. In high school at the age of nine, Mandy started to play his first instrument, the marching drums. He then was a member of the local marching drums' club for about seven years. But after having made his first musical experiences he caught fire and started to study classical guitar. Apart from music he was interested mostly in sports, such as soccer or downhill skiing.

At the age of fifteen, Mandy founded the local band Quarry together with a few friends. They had their first live performances on parties and in local clubs. In 1975 Mandy got himself a name in the Swiss music scene as lead singer and guitar player of the Swiss band BM Smith. Even so he went to a business school and worked as a salesman in a fashion company his real interest always was in music.

The big chance came in 1980 when Chris von Rohr, founding member and bass player of Krokus asked him to join the band, replacing the former guitar player Tommy Kiefer. Having only waited for such an opportunity Mandy quit his job and toured with Krokus throughout the States and Europe for the next two years. For Mandy it was the first chance to prove his talent outside of Switzerland in various Countries and Continents. At the same time it was a big difference to perform in huge arenas instead of little clubs. It was the first time he was able to work with the real big shots in the music business, e.g. Clive Davis, John Kalodner, Paul Rothchild and Mike Stone. When asked about the years with Krokus Mandy says: "It opened the doors for me to the international music industry."

After having made various promising connections in the United States during the Krokus tour Mandy decided to move to Memphis, Tennessee in 1982. There he started working with Jimi Jamison (Survivor) on a project that was soon to be known as Cobra. Their debut album First Strike was very well received by the international music journalists throughout the world. In the Import Charts of the British Music Magazine Kerrang the album even made it to Nr 1.

In fall 1984 a man called Brian Lane, who at the time was managing Asia and Yes, phoned Mandy and asked him to replace Steve Howe of Asia. Mandy was honored to hear that John Kalodner had recommended him for this job and willingly accepted to come to London and give it a try. Since Asia had just sold 7 Mill. copies of their latest album Mandy didn't have to think twice about this offer. They hit if off very well from the first time they met and Mandy enjoyed living in London and liked the British way of life. Asia was a great musical experience for Mandy. Working together with people like Carl Palmer who had different musical backgrounds was very interesting and inspiring.

Since Asia only released an album every four years, Mandy decided to go back to the States in 1987. He moved to Los Angeles, CA where John Kalodner of Geffen records had a few projects waiting for Mandy. He immediately started working with bands like Mark Ashton, Stealin' Horses, Nelson and House of Lords. Besides that he founded his own band called Katmandü.

Although Mandy never really felt at home in the City of Angels he knew in order to be successful it was important to be there. But seven years and a few dozen bigger and smaller projects later he was burnt-out and not quite satisfied with the return on his musical and personal investment. In addition, it was the time when the rise of grunge music - led by bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana - effectively finished the careers of numerous eighties rock bands. The time was ripe for a change and he decided to go back to Switzerland where his roots are.

Once back in his home country he was filled with new energy, power and creative ideas. He immediately started writing songs and meeting people who were orientated towards the European and Asian market. Of course he also met his old friends, among them his old bandbuddy Chris von Rohr, who at that time just signed up as producer of Gotthard. However when Mandy first listened to their songs he couldn't imagine that they would ever get a record deal with that kind of old fashioned eighties rock they were playing. To his surprise they were already signed to BMG Ariola and had a pretty good following in Switzerland. After Gotthard had covered an old song of his, it didn't take much longer until he joined them in early 1996 for their upcoming G Spot Tour. This was the beginning of a new era.

With the release of their acoustic album Defrosted in 1997 they landed a big success and sales doubled. Their fan community grew wider and they got more airplay than before. One of the highlights of that tour was certainly the duet with the world famous opera singer Monserat Caballe. For the past six years Gotthard was very successful in Switzerland. They played all the big festivals in Switzerland, toured in Europe and Asia and got countless platinum awards.

However after eight years Mandy decided to leave the band at the beginning of this year. He didn't agree with the strategic management decisions taken for the past year and felt that as a musician he had reached a point where he would have to start something new for further improvement.

After various projects he joined Krokus in spring 2005 replacing founding member Fernando von Arb as lead guitar player. So Mandy "returns home" to the band he had started his international carrier as a musician with in 1980.

When KROKUS decided to reunite with the original members in 2008, Mandy declined as he was eager to get involved in a new musical project. Which materialized itself just a year later with him joining the German metal band "Unisonic" in 2009. In 2012 Unisonic released their first, self-titled album, followed by a tour around the world.

In late 2012 KROKUS were in the midst of recording their new KROKUS album "Dirty Dynamite" and spontaneously asked Mandy to contribute with his signature guitar licks. The band liked the collaboration with Mandy so much that they invited him to become officially the fifth member of KROKUS. You can look forward to a "triple-axe-attack" when KROKUS tour in support of the new CD, starting May of 2013.







  1960 Born on August 29 in Balcarres, Saskatchewan (CA)  
  1963 Move to Küssnacht am Rigi (CH) with his father  
  1966 -77 Elementary and high School in Küssnacht am Rigi  
  1969 First musical experience playing the marching drums at the local marching drums' club for about 7 years  
  1972 Begin of studies in classical guitar  
  1977 - 79 Apprenticeship in a textile fashion company in Lucerne  
  1975 First band called Quarry; first performances on stage  
  1978 - 80 Lead singer and guitar player of BM Smith (CH)  
  1980 - 82 Guitar player and backing singer of Krokus (CH); Tours in Europe and USA
  1982 Move to Memphis (USA)  
  1983 - 84 Own Band Cobra in Memphis  
  1984 - 86 Guitar player of Asia (UK)  
  1987 Move to Los Angeles (USA)  
  1987 - 93 Guest musician with Stealin' Horses, House of Lords and Mark Ashton. Own band Katmandü
  1996 - 2004 Guitar player and backing singer of Gotthard (CH)  
  2005 - 2008 Lead guitar player and backing singer of Krokus (CH)  
  as of 2009 Lead guitar player of Unisonic (CH)  
  as of 2012 Lead guitar player and backing singer of Krokus (CH)  

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